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Monash University Seminar

Though many researchers find the concept of aggrieved entitlement to be a useful analytic tool,it has not been subject to much empirical inquiry. The limited data that have been thus far collected are derived from a small number of interviews with non-college men and some content analyses of postings on social media and various other places on the Internet.

On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, Center Director, Dr. Walter S. DeKeseredy presented a portion of the WVU Campus Climate Survey results in a presentation at Monash University entitled, "Aggrieved entitlement in the ivory tower: Qualitative results from a large-scale campus climate survey." The researchers did not anticipate many comments reflecting aggrieved entitlement, but this was not the case. In fact, 44 respondents provided narratives indicative of this problem and the rich qualitative data added much texture and context to the statistical data. One of the main themes found in the narratives was angry white college men repeatedly claiming that they are the “real victims” and that rates of male-to-female sexual assault are greatly exaggerated. It was also found that some white, heterosexual women’s responses mirrored or echoed the words of angry white men.