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Danielle Stoneberg, M.A.

Graduate Research Assistant

Danielle M. Stoneberg is a third-year Ph.D. student in sociology. She received her MA in Crime and Intelligence Analysis from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2017 and her BA in Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2015. She was a sexual assault survivor advocate and has done qualitative research on drug use and policing in rural U.S. communities. Her recent publications include articles in Violence Against Women, International Criminal Justice Review and Crime Prevention and Community Safety, a chapter in the Handbook on Technology-Facilitated Violence & Abuse: International Perspectives and Experiences, and a book review in Dignity.

She is a founding member of the International Society for the Study of Rural Crime and the American Society of Criminology’s Division of Rural Criminology. It is for this Division that she currently serves as webmaster and co-editor for the official newsletter, The Rural Criminologist. Locally, she works with WVU’s Research Center on Violence as research assistant, webmaster, and mentor to undergraduate students with an interest in violence research. Additionally, she currently serves as the wrapping lead for volunteers Appalachian Prison Book Project which sends free books to those incarcerated in the Appalachian region.

Her research interests include rural crime, drug use and policy, and transnational and organized criminal networks. Danielle aspires to utilize her research and passion to initiate change to education and critical issues in criminal justice.

Her recent publications include: