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The time has come to end woman abuse in rural communities

Enough is enough. The time has come to end woman abuse in rural communities. 

Out of 43 women in rural areas interviewed by DeKeseredy and Schwartz: 
- 80% reported that they were victimized by two or more of seven different types of abuse. 
80% reported that they were victimized by two or more types of abuse on the sexual violence continuum. 

"I wanted out of the relationship and he said, “If I can’t have you, I’m gonna make it so nobody can have you.” -DeKeseredy, Walter S.. Woman Abuse in Rural Places (Routledge Studies in Rural Criminology) (p. 19). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.

On average, one woman a week in Australia is killed by a former or current partner. 

Intimate femicide is a common occurance for woman in rural areas in Canada.

Let's make a change!
The W.A.R.P. approach for policy and intervention.

In his book, Woman Abuse in Rural Places, Walter S. DeKeseredy shines a light on male to female intimate partner abuse and intimate femicide on an international scale. He uses a critical and radical feminist theoretical model that allows him place the focus where it needs to belong; on the woman. This, in turn, brings about several changes that need to be made in rural areas.

Step into high gear: Legal Reforms Edition
1. ENFORCE STRICTER GUN CONTROL: Ban the possession, purchase, sale, and transfer of firearms.
2. PUSH FOR MORE WOMEN IN POLICE DEPARTMENTS: Increase the number of women on the force, create specialized forces focused on women's issues, and create all women police forces on a national scale.
3. CHANGING MEN AND CHALLENGING MALE PEER SUPPORT: Reinvent the rural male mindset and reeducate the masses on the harmful nature of harassment and sexual assault. Confront those that continue these types of actions and challenge groups that spread toxicity. Make the workforce a place for all people, especially women and join efforts like the White Ribbon Campaign.
4. DEVELOP EFFECTIVE PREVENTION AND PROTECTIVE SERVICES: Increase funding in rural areas for more shelters with large bed space. Implement closer medical resources and allow more than one woman abuse worker in a sector.

 DeKeseredy, W. S. (2021). Woman Abuse in Rural Places (Vol. 1, pp. 103-109). New York, NY: Routledge.