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Campus Climate 
Results Released

The overall goal of the WVU Campus Climate Survey was to collect data on students' perceptions of key social and cultural issues at WVU. Many questions on the anonymous, voluntary survey focused on students’ perceptions of safety on or near campus, including their own personal safety. Since data analysis, the results have been presented at numerous regional, national, and international conferences. Additionally, the results have been disseminated through a number of publications in the following journals: the Journal of Trauma, Aggression, & Maltreatment; The British Journal of Criminology; Violence Against Women; the Journal of Gender-Based Violence; and Sage OPEN

What's Happening at the Center?

  • West Virginia Quality of Life Survey 
  • WVU Campus Climate Survey 
  • "Progressive Justice in an Age of Repression" - Edited by: DeKeseredy & Currie
  • White Ribbon Campaign 
  • Clothesline Project

  • American Society of Criminology 
  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences 
  • Monash University 
  • U.S Naval Academy 
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 
  • Southern Criminal Justice Association 

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