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DKFrom the Director's Desk
Greetings Friends and Colleagues!

At the time of writing this message on January 20, 2021, a major transition occurred in the United States. Millions of people celebrated the inauguration of President Joe Biden. What will the future bring? This is an empirical question that can only be answered empirically, but there is much hope and optimism. Similarly, despite coping with social isolation caused by COVID-19, Center affiliates enthusiastically look forward to the upcoming year, which, indeed, will be very productive.


It was a busy year for Center affiliates. They published in widely read and cited journals such as Violence Against Women, Violence and Gender, the International Journal of Rural Criminology, and the Journal of Forensic Psychology. What’s more, I published a scholarly book titled Woman Abuse in Rural Places and James Nolan published a co-edited anthology titled Policing in an Age of Reform: An Agenda for Research and Practice. Center staff, too, including Graduate Research Assistant Danielle Stoneberg, published chapters in scholarly books. Additionally, I guest edited a special issue of Violence Against Women and a special issue of the International Journal of Rural Criminology.


The Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Rachel Condry as a Research Associate. More information on her important contributions to the study of crime, law and social control is available at


COVID-19 precluded Center affiliates and members of the Violence Research and Awareness Association (VRAA) from participating in major public community events and conferences, such as the annual meetings of the American Society of Criminology. However, Center staff are involved in Zoom conferences and regularly communicate with colleagues around the world. The work never ends!


Thank you for visiting the Center’s Web site and please contact us if you would like more information about Center affiliates and the work they do. All the best for the new year!