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West Virginia University
Campus Climate Results Released

The overall goal of the WVU Campus Climate Survey was to collect data on WVU students' perceptions of key social and cultural issues at WVU.   Many questions on the anonymous and voluntary survey focused on students’ perceptions of safety on or near campus, including their own personal safety. The article referenced below from the Daily Athenaeum highlights the key findings from the study. 

What's Happening at the Center?


Several members from the Center Executive Board, Dr. DeKeseredy, Dr. Sanchez, and Dr. Nolan, along with the Center Graduate Assistants, Rob Nicewarner and Kathryn Burnham, met with Center Research Associates at the American Society of Criminology Conference in New Orleans to discuss upcoming projects. Dr. Joseph Donnermeyer, Dr. Callie Rennison, Dr. Meda Chesney-Lind, Dr. Katherine Irwin, and Dr. Nick Chagnon were all in attendance at this meeting offering solutions to successfully bring all of our regions of the country into one research project.  


The Research Center on Violence at West Virginia University has collaborated with the Criminal Justice Statistical Analysis Center (CJSAC) within the Office of Research and Strategic Planning at the at the Division of Justice and Community Services to launch West Virginia’s first victimization study.

The three-year study - funded by a $448,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice - came as the result of emerging evidence that sexual assaults, domestic violence and other crimes go unreported in West Virginia on account of its rural cultural, limited service options, high percentage of citizens with disabilities and an elderly population that surpasses the national average.


The Research Center sponsored a gender violence awareness event on December 6th at WVU. The event highlighted the Polytechnique Massacre, a mass shooting where women were targeted and killed, that occurred in Canada in the late 1980's. A screening of the film Polytechnique preceded a conversation about gender violence between the audience members, Center Director, Dr. DeKeseredy, and Center Graduate Assistant, Kathryn Burnham.  

Recent Publications from our Executive Board


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