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What's Happening at the Center?

Clothesline Project

What's Happening at the Center? 

Center Director, Dr. Walter DeKeseredy, executive board members, Dr. James Nolan and Dr. Amanda Hall-Sanchez, graduate assistants, Robert Nicewarner and Kathryn Burnham, and undergraduate interns, Alexis Hilling and Kaity Foster, attended the American Society of Criminology Conference this past November. Dr. DeKeseredy, along with Dr. Molly Dragiewicz and Dr. Martin Schwartz, won an award for their recent book Abusive Endings: Separation and Divorce Violence Against Women from the Division of Victimology. Dr. DeKeseredy also presented on several recent articles and participated in several Author-Meets-Critic Sessions for his most recent books.

Center grad assistants, Kathryn Burnham and Robert Nicewarner, presented their research on campus sexual assault and policing. Alexis Hilling and Kaity Foster presented their original research about sexual assault disclosure responses and rural IPV during the poster sessions. The Center and the Sociology and Anthropology Department also hosted a reception during the meeting. Overall, this past ASC was productive for all Center affiliated individuals who attended! We look forward to Atlanta in November 2018. 

December 6, 2017, the Research Center on Violence and our newly affiliated student organization, the Violence Research and Awareness Association, sponsored the second annual White Ribbon Campaign at WVU. The event was a screening of the film Polytechnique, which is a film that depicts the deadly gender based mass shooting on a campus in Canada in the late 1980’s. After the film, a discussion regarding the steps we can take to end gender based violence ensued that provided fruitful everyday contributions we can take on a daily basis. 

Finally, the Violence Research and Awareness Association and the Research Center on Violence sponsored our second annual Clothesline Project at WVU on April 18th, 2018. We hung t-shirts made by victim's of interpersonal violence from a clothesline in front of the Downtown Library for WVU and Morgantown community members to read. This event is always very powerful and moving, this year was no different.