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What's Happening at the Center?

A photo of those who attended the inaugral meeting of the ASC Division of Rural Criminology meeting


On top of publishing timely empirical, theoretical, and policy-relevant work in prominent scholarly outlets, Center affiliates Walter DeKeseredy, James Nolan, Henry Brownstein, and Danielle Stoneberg submitted grant proposals to the National Institute of Justice. They are seeking funding to conduct studies of intimate femicide in rural West Virginia and police reform in Baltimore and Hungtinton, West Virginia. No funding decisions were made at the time of writing this announcement in early December 2021.

Danielle Stoneberg and Walter DeKeseredy are very active members of the American Society of Criminology’s Division of Rural Criminology. Danielle is Co-Editor of the Division’s newsletter and Walter is Vice-Chair. Dr. Joseph (Joe) Donnermeyer, Professor Emeritus at the Ohio State University, Adjunct Professor of Sociology at WVU, and Center Research Associate, is the Chair of the Division and Editor of the International Journal of Rural Criminology.

Walter, Danielle, and Joe are also heavily involved with the International Society for the Study of Rural Crime, and they are affiliates of the University of New England’s Centre for Rural Criminology. Videos featuring summaries of their contributions to the study of rural crime and social control are available at

Sponsored by the NCAA’s Big 12 Conference, Danielle Stoneberg and Walter DeKeseredy helped produce an educational video titled “New Directions in Campus Sexual Assault Prevention.” It is available at and we encourage anyone interested in curbing various types of violence in institutions of higher learning to use it and to share it with others, especially students and campus administrators.

This year, Walter DeKeseredy served as an expert witness in cases involving the harms of pornography and battered women killing their abusive partners in self-defense. As well, he, Joe Donnermeyer, Danielle Stoneberg, and James Nolan gave presentations to various academic audiences and community organizations via Zoom.

The Center would be remiss if it didn’t also report that all of its Research Associates, many of whom are pictured above this message, made numerous important contributions to the study and prevention of various types of violence around the world. More information about the Associates is found at