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Visiting Scholar Spotlight

Dr. William F. FlackWilliam F. Flack, PhD
By Kathryn Burnham

Dr. William F. Flack is an associate professor of Psychology at Bucknell University. He received his BA in Psychology at the University of Maine, MA in Psychology at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and his PhD in Psychology at Clark University in Massachusetts in 1993. He received a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Center for PTSD to do clinical research with the Depart of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in 1997. While he serves as a research associate for the Research Center on Violence at WVU, he also is the head of his own research team, the Bucknell Sexual Assault Research Team. This dynamic team is comprised of students and other community and campus collaborators who come together to conduct yearly sexual assault surveys at Bucknell University. Moreover, he is a member of the Administrator-Researcher Campus Climate Consortium (ARC3), which is working to create a comprehensive survey of sexual assault to be used by campuses across the US.

On the topic of Dr. Flack’s research, in September 2016, Dr. Flack came to WVU to discuss his research on the effects of hook-up culture on sexual assault. The event drew in more than 100 faculty, students, and staff from departments across the university. His compelling research provided a great basis for a thought-provoking conversation between Dr. Flack, Dr. DeKeseredy, and the audience members at the conclusion of the talk (pictures from the event can be found below). 

Flack Talk

As a critical clinical psychologist, his teaching philosophy includes instilling the ability for students to critically think about the current state of psychology and how it can be “improved toward more socially just ends”. When asked what advice he had for students, he couldn’t say enough about the effect of mentorship. Working with undergraduate students to conduct real-world research as well as publish research findings provides a solid foundation for Dr. Flack to fulfill his mentorship goals. This invaluable experience can help students later down the road in academia, as well as non-academic careers. Dr. Flack teaches courses in applied research methods, critical psychologies, emotion, and trauma psychologies.

Dr. Flack’s commitment to the awareness and research of violence against women is commendable and inspiring as we continue to understand traumatic experiences through research and application, at WVU and beyond. 

To learn more about Dr. William F. Flack, please visit his website here