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Research Center Interns

Mackenzie Freeman - Senior, Dual major in Criminology and Psychology with a minor in Women and Gender Studies.              
Research Intern Email: 
Mackenzie is facing forward, sitting on rocks. She has her head tilted to the side and is smiling at the camera.

Alea Goodman- Senior, Multidisciplinary major with minors in Criminology, Forensic and Investigative Science, Psychology, and Sociology.
Research Intern Email:
Alea has a red long sleeve shirt on and is looking at the camera with her right hand on the right side of her face, pulling back her blonde shoulder length hair.

Mekaila Blackwell- Senior, Criminology major
Research Intern Email:
Mekaila is facing the camera. Her hair is Black and styled in short locs.

Micaela Colbert- Senior, Criminology major with minors in Forensic and Investigative Science, Business Cybersecurity, and Business Data Analytics 
Research Intern Email:
Micaela has shoulder length burgandy hair. She is wearing a Black top with silver speckles.