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West Virginia Quality of Life Survey 

This study surveyed West Virginian citizens age 18 and over about their experiences with crime, willingness to seek help from law enforcement, perceptions of the criminal justice system, community safety and knowledge of victim services and local crime policy, among other topics.

For more information on the West Virginia Quality of Life Survey, please contact Dr. James J. Nolan.

Below are the reports developed from this survey:

Phase 1 Report

Phase 2 Report

Crime Victimization in West Virginia 

Summary of WV Results (Phase 1 & 2)

West Virginia University Campus Climate Survey 

The overall goal of the WVU Campus Climate Survey was to collect data on WVU students' perceptions of key social and cultural issues at WVU. Many questions on the anonymous and voluntary survey focus on students’ perceptions of safety on or near campus, including their own personal safety. 

This project provides a baseline of knowledge for WVU campus administrators and local criminal justice agencies. Data gleaned may assist those responsible at WVU for controlling and preventing campus crime and more accurately gauge the resources they require to cope with safety problems on campus. Reports will continue to be made available and used to improve WVU's quality of campus life in the future. The first report can be found here.

This study was sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Dean of Eberly College of Arts and Sciences. It was conducted by Dr. Walter DeKeseredy and Dr. Amanda-Hall Sanchez through the Research Center on Violence.

For more information on the WVU Campus Climate Survey, please contact Dr. Walter DeKeseredy at