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Risk Factors in Domestic Homicides: Identifying Common Clusters in the Canadian Context

College Campus Sexual Assault: The Contribution of Peers' Proabuse Informational Support and Attachments to Abusive Peers

Race, Ethnicity, Risky Lifestyles, and Violent Victimization: A Test of a Mediation Model

Mandatory Reporting of Sexual Misconduct at College: A Critical Perspective

Confronting the North’s South: On Race and Violence in the United States

Normal Violence: The Case of Fighting on a College Campus

Beyond Confinement: The Regulation of Girl Offenders’ Bodies, Sexual Choices, and Behavior

Situational Contexts of Rural Violence: A Comparison of Male and Female Perpetration

Patriarchy, Abortion, and the Criminal System: Policing Female Bodies

Thinking Sociologically About Image-Based Sexual Abuse: The Contribution of Male Peer Support Theory

Identification and Assessment of Intimate Partner Violence in Nurse Home Visitation

Adult Pornography and Violence Against Women in the Heartland: Results from a Rural Southeast Ohio Study

Intimate Violence against Rural Women: The Current and Future State of Feminist Empirical and Theoretical Contributions

Assessing the Validity of Hate Crime Reporting: An Analysis of NIBRS Data