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WVU Student Spotlight

Gabrielle Lory
Gabrielle Lory, M.A.

Gabrielle is a second-year doctoral student in Sociology. Before coming to WVU, she attended the University of Georgia where she obtained her BA in Sociology and then received her MA from Georgia Southern in Criminology. While Gabrielle was at Georgia Southern, she worked with Dr. Laura Agnich to examine the perceptions of safety and harassment among LGBTQ students on a rural, southeastern campus using in-depth qualitative interviews. She completed her Master’s thesis last summer, exploring the applicability of alternative sentences on violent crimes, and plans to expand this research for her dissertation. Her paper, “The Role of Shame: A Creative Look at Justice” can be found and downloaded at

Her research interests include violence against women, rural crime, alternative sentencing, and victim resources. Personal experiences placed Gabrielle on a path of advocacy as a young woman, and she has been pursuing a variety of opportunities to use her skills ever since. She said, “Beginning my doctoral career at WVU by working at the Research Center on Violence was the perfect way to jumpstart my graduate experience at the institution. Not only was I able to collaborate with an amazing research team to produce reports on Quality of Life Survey data, but the Center has also provided me with opportunities to serve as an undergraduate mentor as well as a variety of community service projects.”

Gabrielle previously served as a victim advocate at The Teal House in Georgia by responding to numerous sexual assault and domestic violence exams, as well as a Walk A Mile committee member at her prior institution. Her dedication to the improvement of victims’ experiences has continued into her doctoral career, where she serves as the Vice President of Awareness Events for the Violence Research Awareness Association and continues to produce research dedicated to the field. Some of her work, including her thesis, has been presented at national conferences such as the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and The American Society of Criminology (ASC). Her focus on victims’ needs has directed her research towards an emphasis on rural crime. This emphasis has led her to serve as a  co-editor of The Rural Criminologist, the official newsletter of the ASC’s Division of Rural Criminology, where she also acts as one of the webmasters.

Besides her tireless pursuit of criminological research and advocacy, Gabrielle attempts to entertain herself outside the role of a student. This includes caring for her two dogs, traveling with friends, and fulfilling her duties as a proud aunt of three.

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