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Angela Hovey, PhD, RSW

Associate Professor, Lakehead University, Ontario Canada

Dr. Angela Hovey is an Associate Professor with the School of Social Work in the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences at Lakehead University, Orillia Campus. She came to academia after many years of clinical social work practice with violence, trauma, and substance abuse issues in federal and provincial prisons, community agencies, and private practice settings. Her current areas of research focus on the use of harm reduction approaches in emergency shelters for women and children, domestic violence and policing practices, restorative justice-based community programs for sex offenders, male survivor treatment evaluation, and student mental health accommodations.

Recent selected publications:
Hovey, A., Rye, B., George, E., Scott, S., & Chambers, L. (2023). Impact of children’s presence on policeresponses to domestic violence call situations. Child Maltreatment, 28(3), 476-487. Open access

Hovey, A., Scott, S., Chambers, L., &; Rye, B.J. (2023). Repeated domestic violence police calls: A closerlook at three case situations. Partner Abuse, 14(1), 1-18. Open access.

Hovey, A., Scott, S., &; Chambers, L. (2022). Are the children safe in domestic violence shelters thatimplement harm reduction approaches? In B. Richardson (Ed.), Mothering on the edge: A criticalexamination of mothering within the child protection system. Toronto: Demeter Press.

Hovey, A., Rye, B.J., &; McCarney, C. (2020). Exploring amenability of a restorative justice approach toaddress sexual offences. The International Journal of Restorative Justice, 3, 262-281.

Hovey, A., Roberts, C., Scott, S., &; Chambers, L. (2020). Understanding the landscape of substance usemanagement practices in domestic violence shelters across Ontario. Journal of Family Violence, 35(2),191-201.

George, E., &; Hovey, A. (2020). Deciphering the trigger warning debate: A qualitative analysis of onlinecomments. Teaching in Higher Education, 25(7), 825-841. (online version April 2019)

Recent creative output (invited):
Hovey, A. (2023). Harm reduction in temporary shelter settings: The research base [Video]. HarmReduction and Housing Video Series. National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD)and Facente Consulting. YouTube.