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Willem Clack, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer at the University of South Africa - Petoria

Willem (Willie) Clack was employed in the Department of Correctional Services of South Africa from 1979 until 1995. During this career he worked in a number of different positions. He started as a Correctional Officer working with inmates, he was then transferred to the Human Resources division where he served as personnel officer and was later trained as a Training Officer a position which was held for 10 years. He taught a variety of courses ranging from Functional Training to Management Training. In 1992 he was seconded to the Technikon, SA by the Department of Correctional Services as Lecturer in Correctional Services Management. In 1995 he joined the then Technikon as a permanent staff member.

During his time with the Techinikon he served as lecturer in Correctional Services Management and was employed in a variety of other projects in Africa. Projects in Africa included a Project to Strengthen the Criminal Justice system of Tanzania on behalf of United Nations Development Program (UNDP), development of strategic plans for the prison systems of Uganda, Botswana and Namibia, and technical assistance to the countries of Botswana, Swaziland and Uganda. He also served as the Vice Chair for Africa in the International Correctional and Prisons Association from 2001 until 2004 during this period he assisted in the development of a Manual for Corrections in Peacekeeping Countries on behalf of the United Nations. He also traveled extensively to the United States of America, Ireland, Hungary, Australia, Kenya and Mozambique to visit criminal justice institutions and universities and conferences.

During his visit to Northern Michigan University in 1998 a working relationship was established with faculty of the criminal justice department and he there after visited NMU on several occasions. In 2001 he was a visiting scholar for eight weeks and in 2008 he was invited to NMU as an international guest speaker. In South Africa he hosted three NMU student criminal justice study tours with Professor Bob Hanson and joined Dr. Warchol on many research projects in wildlife crime.

In 2005 the Technikon, SA was merged with the University of South Africa (UNISA) and Willie currently teaches Correctional Services Management at senior level and Introduction to Corrections. He obtained his ND in Prisons Management at the Technikon Pretoria and his NHD in Correctional Management at the Technikon, SA. He currently studies for his Masters of Arts degree at UNISA with the research topic: The Development of Penology in Africa.

Dr. Clack's recent publications include: