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Steve Hall, Ph.D.

Teeside University

Professor Hall has published widely in the fields of criminology, social theory, philosophy and history. His current research includes the establishment of firmer links between criminological theory, social theory and philosophy; criminality, subjectivity and consumer culture; comparative homicide rates; violence and the pacification of populations; and violence and masculinity in late modernity. Together with his long-time research and writing partner Simon Winlow, also Professor of Criminology at the Social Futures Institute, Professor Hall has established a global reputation in these fields.

In the past he has co-directed ESRC funded research on violence, policing and the night-time economy, which examined the relationship between private and public security in a lucrative sector of the leisure market that was experiencing rapid growth. He has also directed a number of independent and collaborative research projects on criminological theory; violence and masculinity; criminality and consumer culture; and urban riots, all of which are on-going.

At the moment he is researching and writing in the areas of social exclusion, social unrest, the ‘pseudo-pacification’ of populations and the importation of the latest philosophical thinking on subjectivity and ideology into the field of criminological theory.

Dr. Hall's recent publications include: