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Jude McCulloch, Ph.D.

Professor of Criminology at Monash University

Professor McCulloch is the inaugural Director of the Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre. She has degrees in Law and Commerce from Melbourne University and a Masters and a PhD in Criminology, also from Melbourne University. Her early research investigated the growing integration of war and crime, police and the military and security and crime control and the implications of this for justice. Her book Blue Army: Paramilitary Policing in Australia (2001) considered the contemporary rise and normalisation of paramilitary policing. Her subsequent research and scholarship continue to focus on this topic, particularly in the context of counter terrorism, post 9/11. Her recent research considers a temporal shift from post crime to pre-crime. Her book Pre-Crime: Preemption, Precaution and the Future (with Dean Wilson) is the first indepth investigation of pre-crime. Recent research projects focus on family violence including risk, women's security and the connections between family violence and terrorism. Her 2017 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (with Maher, Fitizgibbon and Walklate) is titled Securing Women's Safety: Preventing Intimate Partner Homicide. 

Dr. McCulloch's recent publications include: