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Bridget Harris, Ph.D.

Lecturer at Queensland University of Technology

Dr. Bridget Harris is an interdisciplinary early career researcher and has published and presented her work in the areas of:

  • intimate partner / domestic / family and sexual violence
  • technology-facilitated violence, advocacy and justice administration in the context of intimate partner, domestic, family and sexual violence
  • access to justice (including in regional, rural and remote areas, and postcode justice)
  • legal advocacy

She has been invited to advise police and legal bodies on technology-facilitated abuse, stalking and harm and, gender-based violence in regional, rural and remote communities (incidents and experiences; informal and formal responses; technology-facilitated violence and advocacy in non-urban places). Her work in these fields was heavily cited in and used to inform recommendations made by the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence. Bridget’s research on technology-facilitated violence has also been used in the formulation of national and international guides, reports and research, including by the United Kingdom Houses of Parliament, Office of Science and Technology. Her work on technology-facilitated violence, gender-based violence, access to justice and rural criminology has informed other government and non-government inquiries as well as policy and practice reforms and recommendations, including in the recent review – The Justice Project – undertaken by the Law Council of Australia (focused on the state of access to justice in the nation).

Dr. Harris' recent publications include: