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Martin Schwartz, Ph.D.

Professorial Lecturer of Sociology at George Washington University

Prof. Schwartz is a criminologist who has specialized in two areas.  Most of his publications are in the area of violence against women, including sexual assault, physical assault, sexual harassment, and child sexual assault. His second area, where he has also published extensively, is in the area of criminological theory, and especially in critical criminology and left realist criminology.

In his research, he has published 14 books, more than 70 refereed research articles, and another 75 book chapters, agency reports, or essays, and presented over 130 paper or invited presentations. Most recently he has co-authored a textbook in deviant behavior, and a book on the Male Peer Support Theory he and Walter DeKeseredy have been writing about for 25 years. Before that, they published a university press book on a research study looking into rural women who were sexually assaulted after deciding to end their relationships. They have most recently signed a contract with the University of California Press to publish their most recent work on violent assaults against women during relationship breakups.

Dr. Schwartz's recent publications include: