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Gordon Crews, Ph.D.

Chair and Keith A. Ferguson Endowed Professor in Criminal Justice at the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley

President of the Veritas Consulting Group (WV)

Dr. Crews has myriad current research interests/efforts in the areas of violence and resulting societal reactions. A primary project is the interviewing and surveying of 78 incarcerated school violence (K-12) offenders across the United States. A secondary effort is in working on a new book with a convicted murderer on death row in South Carolina dealing with the realities of living in prison and being incarcerated in the United States. A third, and ongoing, focus is on an international comparison of police and societal response to individuals involved in alternative belief practices (e.g., Satanism, Wicca, Goth, etc.). Through these efforts, he currently has two manuscripts under development: Juvenile Delinquency and Violence: Examining International Police and Societal Response (CRC Press) and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Living and Dying in Prison (Alpha Books).

His most relevant experience which speaks to his ability as an effective expert witness in policing and correctional matters is his role as a lead police/correctional expert in a grant-funded review of police and correctional training curricula (state, county, and municipal) from more than 60 academies across the United States. Dr. Crews has appeared as a consultant on national and international programming such as CNN, MSNBC, Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper 360◦, The Abrams Report, Nancy Grace, Gloria Van Susteren, African National Television, and Due Diligence on Voice of Russia Radio Network.
Dr. Crews' recent publications include: