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Susan Scott, Ph.D.

Associate Professor at Lakehead University, Orillia Ontario Canada

Dr. Susan Scott is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health and Behavioral Sciences, School of Social Work, at Lakehead Orillia. She brings some 35 years of macro social work experience in the field, working in policy and program development and implementation, community work, organizational design and development, research, and evaluation. Dr. Scott’s experience included work with and within governmental (federal/provincial/territorial/municipal), private for profit, and not-for-profit organizations involved in human services. Her work encompassed justice, health and mental health, substance use, family violence, child welfare, children’s mental health, housing, and education among other areas. Dr. Scott was a founding faculty member of the School of Social Work in Orillia. Her current research focuses on family violence, policing and domestic violence, and women’s shelters, including the use of harm reduction approaches in shelter.

Recent Selected Publications:
Hovey, A., Rye, B., George, E., Scott, S., & Chambers, L. (2023). Impact of children’s presence on police responses to domestic violence call situations. Child Maltreatment,28(3), 476-487. Open access

Hovey, A., Scott, S., Chambers, L., & Rye, B.J. (2023). Repeated domestic violence police calls: A closer look at three case situations. Partner Abuse, 14(1), 1-18. Open access.

Hovey, A., Scott, S., & Chambers, L. (2022). Are the children safe in domestic violence shelters that implement harm reduction approaches? In B. Richardson (Ed.), Mothering on the edge: A critical examination of mothering within the child protection system.Toronto: Demeter Press.

Hovey, A., Roberts, C., Scott, S., & Chambers, L. (2020). Understanding the landscape of substance use management practices in domestic violence shelters across Ontario.Journal of Family Violence, 35(2),191-201.