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Louise McOrmond-Plummer, Ph.D.

IPSV Expert

  • More than 20 years' thorough study of and writing on intimate partner sexual violence culminating in two books and a thrd to come in 2016
  • 23 years' experience supporting survivors of rape and domestic violence
  • Domestic violence court supporter
  • Counselling abused women in a mental health setting (leading to my supervisor calling me "gifted" with abused women).
  • Work with refugees and asylum seekers about whose rights I am also extremely passionate.
  • 10 years moderating Pandora's Aquarium, a celebrated community for survivors of rape and sexual assault
  • Sitemistress of Aphrodite Wounded. My site is 12 years old and has assisted many survivors to freedom and healing as well as professionals in understanding IPSV.
Dr. McOrmond-Plummer's recent publications include: